Success Stories

KBI want to thank you first for all that you’ve done for me and my family. Your program has changed my life for the better. I often have seen myself, even as young as a 5 year old, knowing how I was living wasn’t right. I remember watching my Dad always put a smile on his face, no matter how hard our situation was.

With hard work and the occasional tear, my dad always made me feel like the most beautiful princess. Hope Haven has shown me the real meaning of consequence while providing stability. I am grateful for the two years spent at Hope Haven. According to my Dad, it would have been harder to do it without you.

Upon reflecting, I have many great memories of Hope Haven. Although I was so young, I can now appreciate everything that was taught. Because of Hope Haven I am a member of many leadership organizations within my school, have a 3.8 grade point average, and love track. I find it hard to see myself with all these accomplishments without our journey through Hope Haven. I also took advantage of the skills and lessons taught within the program, by knowing the risk of drug and alcohol abuse at an early age.

Unlike most kids, both of my parents were addicted to drugs and alcohol; but, now as a mature young lady, I can place myself in a better position to avoid going down the same road as my parents and be an advocate to other teens in the program. So I appreciate the structure, information, and guidance that you gave my Father to allow him to recover in a healthy and safe environment.
So I say to you, thank you Hope Haven for a second chance at life and hope. Dad, thank you for showing responsibility and initiative inside the facility. Because, at the end of the day, we just wanted to have faith that God was doing for us what we could not do for ourselves.

– KB


OBWhat was initially supposed to be a brief visit to NC for the Christmas holiday; turned into an extended stay. I was in the care of my older brother and his wife at the time. Our mother had been incarcerated for drug charges in GA; therefore I had no one or nowhere to return. My brother and his wife agreed to temporarily take custody of me when our mother decided to move back to North Carolina to go into treatment. This was maybe her fourth or fifth try at it. We were hopeful that it would finally work this time. After my mother completed her initial treatment, she found Hope Haven. She escalated through all the levels until she got to level four. This would be the final level and after she completed this, she could then transition into her own home.

During her stay at Hope Haven, my mother was faced with a dilemma. My brother was active military and had been assigned to go overseas for a four year tour. My mother was very hesitant about letting me go, so she asked if I could stay with her at Hope Haven. Hope Haven was so gracious to allow me to stay until my mother completed the final stages of aftercare treatment and found housing. I was so happy to be with my mother again. More importantly, I was ecstatic to have her returned to me as a mother. They helped her get a job, taught her life skills, and ultimately gain autonomy. For the first time, I was able to have some stability in my life. This was all thanks to Hope Haven providing my mother with the necessary tools needed to become a productive member of society.

Through the years, my mother and I kept our affiliation with Hope Haven and she went on to become a Substance Abuse Counselor. I too worked for Hope Haven on and off. In fact, Hope Haven was my first job. While in high school, I worked as the babysitter for the children in the families program. I would help the children with their homework and keep them when their parents went on outings. While in college, I spent a couple of summers working as the receptionist in the administrative office. After finishing my undergraduate degree, I was hired to work full-time as a Resident Services Specialist. Operating in this capacity allowed me give back and help our clients gain the same tools that made my mother successful in her recovery. I have continued that journey with Hope Haven and while in the process, I have obtained a Master’s degree and have become a mom. Now operating as the Director of Employment and Resident Accounts, I plan to continue to uphold Hope Haven’s mission and values while offering encouragement to others—There is Hope and People do Recover!

– OB


success_stories_002I used and abused drugs for more than thirty years.  As a result of my continued drug use I lost everything – my home, my family, my job.  I lost me.  I went from someone who was socially acceptable to someone who was eating out of garbage cans and sleeping under bridges.

When I came to Hope Haven I was homeless, helpless and hopeless with no direction or sense of purpose.  Hope Haven gave me a sense of purpose.  They told me that I was worth something, that I could learn to live again.  They gave me a safe environment in which I learned to achieve long-term recovery.  They gave me a sense of direction, they gave me a new life and for that I am truly grateful.

– MP