Frequently Asked Questions

* What are the procedures for making donations?

Monetary donations can be made online by clicking here or calling (704) 372-8809 Ext. 212

  • Non-monetary Donations will be accepted Monday-Friday, 10am-4pm
  • Non-monetary Donations will not be accepted on Week-ends or Holidays
  • Furniture must be approved before being dropped-off, please call (704) 372-8809 Ext. 210


  • Twin sheets (New or gently used & laundered)
  • Bath towels (New or gently used & laundered)

Clothing Donations

  • Please launder clothes before dropping off
  • Please separate clothes, household items, and toys into separate bags or boxes

 Unacceptable Items

  • No used undergarments or socks
  • No lingerie (i.e. G-strings, corsets, bodysuits. Items promoting sex)
  • No clothing with negative slogans or ideals
  • No clothing promoting drug use or alcoholism 

Monetary donations can be made online by clicking here or calling (704) 372-8809 Ext. 212


* How do I know if I am eligible for Hope Haven?

You need to answer “YES” to the following questions:

  • Have you completed a substance abuse treatment program within the past year?
  • Have you received substance abuse services through Cardinal Innovations or Partners Behavioral Health?

If you answered YES to all of these questions, you MAY qualify for admissions to Hope Haven.  If you answered NO to any of these questions, it does not appear that you are eligible for admissions at this time.   Please check with the Admissions Department to determine further eligibility.


* How do I get into your program?

  •  First, the potential resident or referring agency needs to complete the Prospective Resident Form.
  • Secondly, the potential resident or referring agency needs to gather the 9 [NINE] required documents.
  • Once all of the documents have been received, Hope Haven will call to set up an interview.
  • Once the potential resident has been interviewed, Hope Haven will call or notify the resident when a bed becomes available.


* Do you have a waiting list?

Hope Haven Inc. has a “Prospective Applicant’s List”, which is similar to a waiting list.  This list is for potential residents that are in the process of gathering the 9 [NINE] required documents or have submitted all of the documents and are awaiting a bed.


* How long does it take to get into your program at Hope Haven Inc.?

Due to the fact that our residents do not have set discharge dates, the length of time that it takes to be admitted to the program will depend on availability and the number of potential residents on the “Prospective Applicant’s List”.  Hope Haven cannot guarantee a specified amount of time for when a bed will become available.   Hope Haven will notify a potential resident when a bed does become available.


* Does Detox count as substance abuse treatment?

A potential resident MUST complete a 14 or 28 day inpatient substance abuse treatment program or have completed Intensive Outpatient Treatment within a year’s time of submitting the application.