Job Summary
Assess and refer residents to appropriate vocational training programs, employment opportunities and independent housing. Coordinates supportive services to enhance job placement and retention and assist residents with a successful transition to independent living.

• Associate’s Degree in Human Services (or equivalent training and work experience)
• Proficient computer skills
• Proficient written and oral communication skills
• Minimum 1 year experience in substance abuse field
• A working knowledge of the vocational and housing community resources/programs in our community
• If appropriate minimum two years of continuous sobriety

Major Responsibilities
• Conduct a vocational assessment on every resident
• Facilitate job readiness workshops for residents
• Maintain weekly documentation on residents activity under direction of VP, Resident Services
• Coordinate client information, including progress made in training and employment goals, with appropriate internal and external resources
• Organize and update the employment placement information for Resident Services Job Bank
• Maintain a working relationship with appropriate community resources
• Maintain a working knowledge and updated resource file of available community resources needed to assist each resident with personal goals.