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Hope Rolls

If you find yourself thinking, “Why would I eat from a truck called Hope Rolls?” or “what is Hope Rolls?”, or, even, “what is it with those big and colorful circles?”……We will tell you why.  

The name Hope Rolls does not scream yummy good street food, served from a food truck.  Will we have yummy good food?  Absolutely!  Sweet treats?  Definitely!  Refreshing drinks?  Yes.  All that and a bag of chips with affordable pricing, providing a great value, on the streets in Charlotte, North Carolina.  We also believe you will agree that our dots are, in fact, quite hopeful.  

We cannot show you the faces of those we serve; however, we can tell you they encompass a wide range of age, ethnicity, religious beliefs, education, gender, economic background, and mental ability.   YOU SEE, substance use disorders have no boundaries, addiction does not discriminate.  The stories of our residents are all unique, no two are the same.  They are as unique as each individual that comes through our doors.  What isn’t unique, is for those who choose Hope Haven are looking for change, in fact a new way to live.  One of the most important parts to living a clean and sober life is living with structure.   

The first way we add structure for our new residents is through our job training programs at Hope Haven.  Adding Hope Rolls pushes our training programs beyond our own boundaries, as we literally take clients off campus, and insert them in a live training that includes; customer service, cooking, serving and cash handling, gaining firsthand experience. 

This is where you come in.   By supporting Hope Rolls, with each and every purchase you are choosing to make a difference in not just the people that are serving you, rather you are supporting the entire Hope Haven family.  BTW, we have a rather large family, one that has been growing for over forty years.  By feeding yourself, you are nourishing people, not one, not two, not even three; you are nourishing a whole community, one that reaches beyond Charlotte and North Carolina.  We believe that if we can nourish people we can recover lives, and you and many others are an integral part in our success.   Hope Rolls is an extension of Hope Haven Inc., a residential community, serving individuals and families, in recovery from substance abuse disorder and saving lives one person, one family, one day at a time.  

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