Mission: “Hope Haven, a foundation of recovery, provides life skills for homeless, chemically dependent adults and families within a supportive residential environment, leading to independence.”

Clinical Services

Our programs are meant to help people in recovery rebuild their lives by providing them with the support services and life skills needed to achieve long term recovery and self-sufficiency.

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Vocational Training 

Hope Haven’s vocational training programs provide residents with the skills they need to re-enter the workforce, gain confidence to succeed, and become economically independent while maintaining recovery. Our vocational training programs also provide services to the community.

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Resident Services

Hope Haven’s resident services provide residents with the tools to become successful and economically independent members of the community.

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Catering Services

Do you want to support a local non profit company?….THEN HIRE ONE TO CATER YOUR NEXT EVENT

That’s Right!!!  Hope Haven Inc. offers catering services, A Taste of Hope Catering, prides itself on the services it provides the community.

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