Job Summary

Responsible for direction, oversight and administrative operations of Hope Haven, Inc.; provides overall oversight of supervision of personnel, finances, program development, communication and management of all operations.

Position requirements

  • Knowledge of alcoholism/chemical dependency, and the principles and techniques used by Alcoholics Anonymous & Narcotics Anonymous, and the disease modality.
  • Dedication and commitment to substance abuse treatment and recovery.

Major Responsibilities


  • Strategic Development
    • Possesses an ability to forecast trends, assess community realities and problem solve creatively.
    • Principally develops and executes, with guidance from the Board Of Directors, the organizational mission and goals and establishes plans and policies necessary to carry out those goals.
    • Regularly assesses the client community’s needs for service and assist the Board in establishing program priorities consistent with program mission and goals.
    • Implements Board goals, policies and priorities by identifying the best possible means for meeting priority client needs with available resources and developing specific service delivery projects with staff to address the priority needs of the client community.
    • Has a track record of using logic and reason in developing workable solutions to issues, utilizing cost benefit analysis in order to choose the most relevant/appropriate solutions.
    • Builds a culture of operational efficiencies, improved resident outcomes and teammate engagement.

     Program Management

    • Provides written updates to the Board of Directors on a monthly basis using metrics and organizational performance dashboards.
    • Create, implement, and evaluate Hope Haven internal and external programs and policies to ensure exceptional service delivery.
    • Expand and build upon existing programmatic components in response to community need and realities.
    • Excels at delivering high-value, person-centered care.
    • Uses highest clinical and best practice standards to deliver high quality services.

     Financial Resource Development

    • Identifies, investigates and secures sources of funding or other financial resources consistent with the needs of the organization and maintains open lines of dialog to foster an environment of trust and transparent communications with partners.
    • Supervises fundraising initiatives to generate funding for program development and/or enhancement.
    • Participates in and supervises efforts to obtain additional resources on an ongoing basis.
    • Ensures that commitments made to funding sources or conditions imposed upon funds are met.
    • Works with staff to ensure all likely funding sources are approached.
    • Monitors expenses with CFO on a monthly basis.

     Partner Engagement

    • Maintain effective oral and written communication with staff, residents, Board, area substance abuse MCO’s, state and community entities.
    • Develop and maintain strong collaborative relationships with diverse community partners to benefit clients and staff.
    • Represent Hope Haven at required community meetings to further agency goals.
    • Proven partner engagement—possess an ability to instill confidence in community, state level, and federal partners to ensure stability of Hope Haven.

     Personnel Administration

    • Direct and oversee all administrative, residential, and clinical operations to ensure alignment with agency mission and vision.
    • Create and maintain a positive, supportive work environment.
    • Motivate, lead, and supervise staff while working within the scope set forth by the by laws and the executive committee of the Board.
    • Hire and supervise employees, in addition to updating and approving job descriptions, with assistance from Human Resources; Maintain personnel records for persons under direct supervision, coordinating with Human Resources when possible.
    • Serve as liaison between Board of Directors and staff.
    • Foster a culture of empowerment, innovation, and accountability among staff.
    • Create, implement and maintain agency policies, records, files, and reports.
    • Continuously update and disseminate policy and procedures and ensure all staff have access to the Employee Handbook, Policy & Procedures Manual, and receive notification of updated materials.
    • Understand and uphold confidentiality laws, client rights policies, and the Hope Haven Code of Ethics.
    • Sets an example of accountability for the organization as a whole – signaling that performance management is a core culture of the organization.  Embrace metrics and benchmarking staff’s performance based upon it.
    • Perform other duties as requested by the Board Chair within the position scope.

     Financial Administration

    • Provide programmatic and financial accountability to the Board of Directors through appropriate procedures and reporting channels.
    • Monitor expenditures monthly with CFO.
    • In-depth understanding of monthly financial reports from CFO.
    • Establish sustainable, scalable solutions to manage financial risk.
    • Determine salaries and bonuses of employees (excluding self) and negotiate insurance coverage and employee benefits with Human Resources.

    Education/Experience Requirements

    • Master’s degree in business administration, public health, clinical psychology, public administration, or nonprofit management and at least 3 years management experience preferred OR Bachelor’s degree plus 8 years relevant management experience.
    • Extensive experience in strategic planning and development.
    • Demonstrated and proven track record in Grantsmanship, including identifying, securing, writing, managing, and reporting.
    • Demonstrated long-term partner engagement with proven recovery services outcomes. 
    • Demonstrated innovation and thought leader.
    • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.